Thursday, January 3, 2013

KEEP CALM?! Why should I KEEP CALM?!

Not exactly sure when the KEEP CALM craze started. At least a couple of years ago. (A couple of years ago?  You'll learn how funny that sentence is in a minute). And yes, I admit the posts and banners first caught my attention mostly because of the blingy crown. I’m shallow, what can I say? I go weak in the knees for all things pretty. As you'll come to learn, I have varied taste. Certain Zen decor will grab my attention, a little Shabby Chic here and there, I love urban warehouse settings and obviously I love anything old that can be gussied up. But show me a pretty crown and I revert back to my childhood, with a skirt (or slip...whatever was handy) on top of my head, pretending that it was long flowing hair, cascading down my back, in full pretense that I am a princess. Yes, I love bling. But back to the reason we're all supposed to KEEP CALM. As I would see the various KEEP CALM posts popping up all over the place....(for crying out loud, EVERYBODY was using them), "KEEP CALM AND PRAY", KEEP CALM AND SHOP HERE", "KEEP CALM BLAH, BLAH, BLAH....", the blasted things were so popular I felt stupid that I didn't know what it was all about. I just knew that I liked em! So over the holidays I finally dared to ask my daughter, Elise, know-er of all things cool. I was certain she could fill me in on this tidbit of pop culture that had somehow eluded me.

Me: "So what's with all this "KEEP CALM" stuff you see all over the place"?

Elise: (shrug) "I don't know".

Damn. So next, I turned to what should have been my go-to source all along. Google. My best friend, Google. And here you have it. You no longer have to pretend you know what the KEEP CALM clamor is all about. Because now you really do know. YOU, the know-er of all things cool.


  1. Love everything you do:)

  2. Thanks so much and my face is hat factory

  3. Very lovely. Would love to have any of the items in my home.

  4. These are great items! Love your blog!


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